When you hear, see or know the name Robert Anthony, you can be 100% sure thereare "GOOD TUNES", an "AWSOME VIBE" and most of all a "ROCKING DANCE FLOOR!" With over 10 years of experience and only being 23 years of age, Robert Anthony is definitely a club/rave favourite and a true technician on the turntables. Not only capable of sending all dance floors into a FRENZY, Robert Anthony produces his own music and owns a state of the art recording studio, as well asbeing partof a two piece electronic band called "CHIRON" with lead singer "Michael Aliani",

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2006 Update

Robert Anthony is currently living in the UK and performing regular sets at various clubs, raves and events. Robert Anthony has also set up another studio in the UK to work on his own music productions and remixes. Robert Anthony is happy with this change and will not be returning to Australia anytime soon.


Robert Anthony Michael Aliani are working on their new album. This time round round with a much different approach to their previous EP "Slipping Away". Their new sound is much more electronic and can be best described as ambient experimental breaks to thumping hard trance. Chiron's "Slipping Away" EP has also been released on the Apollyon label, doing very well with CD sales in Germany.